Cuuben Cabin – for a variety of needs!

Is there a need for a guest cabin? Or should you have more space in your own yard, for example, for a family teen? Do you, perhaps, have an empty plot somewhere in a nice location?
The Cuuben Cabin is the right solution for many uses. Since it is easy to install, and requires no fixed water or drainage installation, you can transfer it almost anywhere. You can take the cabin into use without the need to acquire a building permit. However, it is worth checking the issue with your own municipal regulations. In general, a mere notification is suffice.

The delivery includes the following:
– The Cuuben Cabin (in two sections)
– Principles for the building of the foundation and the connection of the two sections to each other
– An inspection with the customer to confirm that the delivery is intact and that everything is working as it should.
– One of our specialist will come and guide and make sure that the cabin in correctly installed.

In the delivery address we need three person available to assist the expert.
The shipping- and installation costs are always determined by the shipping address, whereby a separate offer will be made made.

You can choose the cabin -model that suites you best from here:


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