A completely ready and well equipped, transferrable cabin

The cabin is designed for both private and corporate customers. The concept is based on the fact that there is no need to acquire a building permit*. The timber-framed cabin has a surface area of ​​10 m2, plus a spacious loft. The loft has sleeping space for 2-3 people. Light is provided through a large, openable skylight, from which one can, for example, admire the starry sky or the Northern Lights. There is also a small, normal window at the foot of the bed.
Sleeping in double bed upstairs 1,6 x 2,0 m, and good space for sleeping sofa down stairs make the cabin comfortable for 4 people easy living.

The Cuuben Cabin can be supplied in three different model, Cabin 10, Cabin 15 and Sauna. You can choose between a connection to a power supply or as a gas and solar panel powered version. In this case, the cabin can even be placed in the middle of the wilderness.
The cabin is delivered to the customer in two parts: the lower and upper sections. The cabin is ready for use within an 2 hours. The lower section contains a living room with a kitchenette, a toilet and shower space, as well as a sofa bed. The upper section is lifted onto the lower section when delivered, and the parts are then secured to each other. The cabin also has a retractable board terrace and sun canopy located in front of the glass door and large window of the lower section.

Nice balcony with place for furniture’s and with partly covered roof.
During transportation, the terrace is folded upwards. This can also be done if the cabin will remain unused for a longer period of time, whilst also serving as good protection against burglaries. The cabin is winter isolated for all year use. All models has Bio Eco friendly toilet.

* Be sure to check the notification obligations for your local city/municipality.


Cuuben Cabin measures:

Cabin outside measures: 3,1m x 3,4m x 4,5m
Terrace: 6,5 m2
1st floor: 8,5 m2
2nd floor: 8,5 m2

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